It’s ya girl Cristin Marie! I am a calligrapher and creative specialist in Kokomo, Indiana. I have always had a love interest with graphics, web design, and social media, but I started my brush pen calligraphy hobby back in 2015 when I hated my day job. This creative outlet gives me a sense of hope, desire to learn, and a safe place when needed. Today, F+P is a hobby turned business that creates beautiful pieces for brides and home decor. I teach modern brush calligraphy classes and thoroughly enjoy teaching others something so relaxing and beautiful.

Designing and creating beautiful pieces may one of my favorite things about my biz, but getting to know my client’s personality is huge on my list. I’m may be a little obsessed with The Enneagram (type 4 here—surprise, surprise) and every other single personality test there is available on the interwebs. Yes, I’m even talking about those “Which type of bread are you?” quizzes. I mean, c’mon do you want to hire someone who is plain, white bread or Foccacia? I already know the answer. So there’s a good chance if we work together, I’ll want to know your personality type because it helps me understand you, your work, and how you are driven.

So with a background in Graphic Design, a love for calligraphy, an interest in social media and admin, and so many more… you may say I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur. All these passions are bundled up [with love + coffee] into Flourish and Pearl. I’m here to guide you through your next design project, help you make your wedding vision come true and really, just service you in any way I can.